Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hunting and gathering - was it all bad

This week I've finished off the design for the shed, ordered the wood, cast the concrete beam in the wall and glued up the door for the first floor. We've also met some new friends and visited their house and a bunch of other stuff I've forgotten about already. Trouble is with moving out to live a tranquil life in France that there are lots of thing to either occupy or distract you! Anyway the wood was delivered today and we started to dig the foundations to the shed. Sounds easy given that this is digging through 12 inches of top soil but take it from me its not. Digging or indeed farming in general is in fact the work of the devil. Given the choice between hunting and gathering and farming, why we chose farming eludes me! Here is a pile of wood:

And then there was the digging:

Now when I started digging out the foundations I had envisaged just for the blocks not whole area. WHAT WAS I THINKING. Mike Duckett if you read this, I never learn!!!

Oh and the mechanical plough in the picture...doesn't help. Just makes you even more knackered trying to control the plough and you still have to dig out the mess. Ho Hum.

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  1. Sorry Hun, I'll keep my mouth shut next time....