Friday, 12 March 2010

Stage One Completed

Well stage one of shed is complete. The base is down, level, insulated and boarded. From this platform I can build everything else on top, so pretty much the hard bits are done...ish.
First off with Julia's able assistance we covered the frame with Tyvek and chicken wire. Tyvek as a breathable membrane and the chicken wire is to both hold in the insulation and protect against rodents.

Next I've laid in 145mm of insulation with an R value of 3.85 (Toasty) followed by DPM and then floor boards. The boards were the same price as chipboard and although a bit on the rustic side they are at least real wood (don't know why just don't like chipboard, even in a shed). Then the fun part laying the boards with David and his very cool NAIL GUN.

It was so much fun even Libby managed to get in on the action:

And then TA-DA the finished floor:

Except of course you can't see it because it started raining.

Ho Hum...

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