Wednesday, 24 March 2010

oooer mi Noggins

After a short administrative break I'm back on the shed. Roof trusses are done and the wall now has some noggins. All in all the structure is looking a lot more rigid. And as we all know rigidity is the name of the game. I took a few picture of the progress, the colours of which are a bit funny but that's because it was dark!

Note the oak dowels, sad really!

Anyway time the raise the roof. I was thinking about this and how i would do it using all manner of complicated methods. Then it struck me i was being stupid, the shed has a first floor!!! So I'll just build the floor first and then I can work off that to put in the roof, easy...ish.


  1. Well it originally looked pretty enormous but now your beautiful assistant (that's what you meant to say wasn't it ;0) ) has added some scale it just doesn't look suitably shedquinnesque (tm). Of course for the rest of us its the size of our houses but for you I imagine you're thinking 'That's a woman's shed'.
    I can only imagine this is actually Phase 1 but Julia has yet to be advised regarding phases 2, 3 and 4 (rifle range, swimming pool, gem mine?)
    good to see you're all well, best wishes from UoW

  2. Chris, you know me so well. Leaving phases 2 and 3 till later gets around the small issue of planning permission, so there is method in the madness. Hope your all well at the UoW and they have not driven you crazy yet with their madcap schemes and "initiatives". Your little Girl wont be so little now either; pass my regards on to the family. Hadn't thought of a rifle range...but now you mention's not a bad idea:-))

  3. If Marcus makes a rifle range and/or pool, then a gem mine would be a great place to hide the body...

  4. lmao :)
    and yes my girl is growing much and with a baby brother too :D i believe I've transitioned to 'zoo' status :D

  5. Look on the bright side, it makes buying the train set and the model aeroplanes easier to get past the wife. When he's old enough you can teach him to shoot (in the summer then).