Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Big Wood

Started the staircase stringers at last. I managed to get some really nice kiln dried oak from Granville Bois in Villedieu des Poeles. Cutting it was a bit of a swine and planing it was even more fun.  Had to get our neighbour Alison to lend a hand but we got the job done and I now have two nice clean blanks to lay out for the treads. The large piece of wood on the left is.... Ahem....spare.

And again with Libby to give some scale

On a completely different note, I found this in the skip at the tip....I thought it worth saving. I'm sure I can make it into something nice, maybe a mirror?

Thursday, 4 October 2012


As the day unflolds;

Job Done!

Under floor heating

Well the time has come to do the floor in the kitchen. First of course we had to de-camp the kitchen into the salon. After that there was was a little reparation to do to the floor where the window seat will go and then down with the insulation:

This starts quite easily but gets harder as you have to cut more boards to fit into door and windows. The board i'm using is a French product desinged for underfloor heating. Its EFISOL in 56mm thickness.
All in all it took about a day to lay the boards and then fit the insulation round the edge

 Next was the pipework. This was a kit off the internet and I have to say the quality of the kit was very good, a good branded kit, delivered next day and clear instructions. There are loads around but mine came from: http://www.theunderfloorheatingstore-onlineshop.com

 The kit comes with the manifold and all the tools to cut the pipe.

 Now ready for the screed..