Thursday, 4 October 2012

Under floor heating

Well the time has come to do the floor in the kitchen. First of course we had to de-camp the kitchen into the salon. After that there was was a little reparation to do to the floor where the window seat will go and then down with the insulation:

This starts quite easily but gets harder as you have to cut more boards to fit into door and windows. The board i'm using is a French product desinged for underfloor heating. Its EFISOL in 56mm thickness.
All in all it took about a day to lay the boards and then fit the insulation round the edge

 Next was the pipework. This was a kit off the internet and I have to say the quality of the kit was very good, a good branded kit, delivered next day and clear instructions. There are loads around but mine came from:

 The kit comes with the manifold and all the tools to cut the pipe.

 Now ready for the screed..


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