Tuesday, 24 April 2012

If you ever consider rebuilding a house......

You really gotta love plaster-boarding! Its one of those things, its not difficult, its just a pain. To start with the sheets here in France are 2.5m x 1.25m which is big and heavy and fragile; in fact just about the worst combination of working characteristics. Granted cutting it is easy and you can appear to make progress quickly but getting the stuff from the builders, up a ladder to the first floor, then stored so it doesn't warp or break is just plain hard work. And that's about the size of it; In reality building a house is hard work. At this point I should say that this post is not any kind of rant or moan. We're hear for the long term, we do a bit at a time and really enjoy the life here in France; but its not an easy life and it is hard work and understanding that before you dive in is good. Living where we do next to Gites, we see many people who are house hunting looking for a new life in France and so many times their expectations are completely unrealistic. So remember no matter what you have seen on "a place in the sun" or "grand designs" actually doing it is (trust me) is hard work. If you like hard work great and hey I'm catholic, but remember: You really gotta love plaster-boarding!
Not quite finished
By the way this is Frankie's bedroom
And French style electrical boxes; round. Genius! why oh why are English ones square, are they trying to make it difficult! Round holes....drill.....pop quiz!
Notice the frame for the window seat....nice. Think little girl sitting on her window seat reading a book from the library.........(I do like to think they won't just sit there texting their mates) Ho Hum you can but hope!