Friday, 9 November 2012

Building the Stairs (part 1)

Having got the stringers to size I made a jig to mortise out for the treads
Using a collar on the router

And another to mark out the angle of the treads, so they are at least all the same

This took a couple of attempts to get the mortise a nice snug fit. Bear in mind not too tight so I can get the thing together and glued

What it should look like

In place an levelled up, just to check

And an idea of what they will look like

And yesterday the tiles arrived for the kitchen. Laid out dry to see what they look like. I particularly like the fact they vary in shade. Should make a nice floor! 

Way up high

Fitting the new liner for the Chimney. For info that's about 11 metres

Getting up was a little tricky, in the end I cut a hole in the piggery roof and made some staging to work off. That way my ladder was just long enough. I could have gone up the roof but didn't want to risk breaking all the new tiles! Also gave me a change to see how bad the roof of the barn is. It's bad, and needs doing sooner rather than later.

Fortunately the chimney is big and quite straight so I could put the liner up the chimney. Last time I did this I dropped it down from above and it was a git to do. The liner is flexible but not very, so curving it round and down while 11 metres up on a ladder holding all the weight is not easy. Pulling it up was a doddle by comparison thanks to the able assistance from Julia and the kids.

The liner ready for the stove