Friday, 9 November 2012

Way up high

Fitting the new liner for the Chimney. For info that's about 11 metres

Getting up was a little tricky, in the end I cut a hole in the piggery roof and made some staging to work off. That way my ladder was just long enough. I could have gone up the roof but didn't want to risk breaking all the new tiles! Also gave me a change to see how bad the roof of the barn is. It's bad, and needs doing sooner rather than later.

Fortunately the chimney is big and quite straight so I could put the liner up the chimney. Last time I did this I dropped it down from above and it was a git to do. The liner is flexible but not very, so curving it round and down while 11 metres up on a ladder holding all the weight is not easy. Pulling it up was a doddle by comparison thanks to the able assistance from Julia and the kids.

The liner ready for the stove


  1. Very brave of you scale those dizzying heights...!

  2. I think that's poor and stupid rather than brave!