Tuesday, 23 February 2010


As mentioned in my last post it was about time a made a workbench. Whilst it's not the work of art that the jewellery bench is its functional, and it will give me a stable platform to fasten things like the planer to. Ironically to make to workbench I had to use the planer to mill up the top for the new bench. In the process the planer slipped off the workmate and my instant reaction was to reach out to catch it. Stuck my hand straight into the blade of the planer! How I still have my fingers I honestly don't know. Luckily I was wearing my leather work gloves which took the brunt of the damage and certainly saved my fingers. If your reading this Jon, it was the pair that you bought me, so thanks again. Sometime I guess God's on your side! Here is the finished bench and no I won't be using the planer again unless bolted to the bench!

And the missing fingers!

Note to self: Always make sure you are wearing the correct safety kit......

After that little episode I thought I'd have a break from rotating knives and do a little gentle wall building. Today then I put in the lintels above the kitchen window and built up the wall at the front. When this has set up a bit I can then pour concrete into the void to create a beam to tie the end gable into the front wall. Not a bad thing really?

Eventually when filled in and built back up i'll make this into a window seat for the girls.

So tomorrow will be mixing concrete in the mixer (yet another thing off you Jon!) just hope its a warm as it was today; 11 deg and walking round in my shirt sleeves.

P.S. Yes and trim up the foam around the window (the shame of it!!!)