Saturday, 30 June 2012

Levelling up!

Joists that is! So here we are day 1 flooring. A green field site, with the supporting beams ready to put in the floor joists.
This time I'm using softwood to make a conventional joist floor using 175 x 63 treated timber. Max span is 2m between the joists so that section should be plenty and I'm going to use a mixture of joist hangers and nails to hold it all together.
Believe it or not there is about 550 euro's worth of timber there! Mind you stuff in France has gone up a lot in recent years. Only 2 years ago when I put the floor in over the kitchen, oak was 500 euros a cubic metre , now its 650! Anyway back to the floor; its going to be laid 16" (400mm) on centres and tied into the walls at the edges and double joists under the partition walls. That should do the trick. As the wood is a bit long for one person I'm going to be assisted by my eldest daughter Frankie (whether she likes it or not). Fourtunately when we had the "major work" done by the builders they raised the oak beams by about 15 inches in the wall and also levelled them up as best they could. This now makes my job putting in the floor so much easier than it otherwise would be!

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  1. Nails? Another concession to modernity! ;-)