Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tis the work of the Devil

You put the dishes in the white box and press the button. An hour later they come out clean, Evil Genius! Ok I know many of you have suggested that I should send the kids down to the river to do the washing and washing up but In the end I did a deal with them; They could have a dishwasher as long as they agreed to fill and unload it each day. We will see how long it lasts?
As you can see from the picture the laundry room has had a makeover, I got sick of no space to put anything and no splash back that I could keep clean so in a fit of pique I've ripped it all out and have re-done it with new cupboards from the local brico. Normally I would have made the cupboards but you know, it's hidden away and life to short to start mucking about making cupboards for a laundry room. One thing i'll say about fitted cupboards though, they are actually kind of practical. Lets say I'm warming to them.


  1. You've made it to the late 20th century... Hope you like it dude ;-)

  2. Not sure it's all its cracked up to be but hey, the family seem to like it! By the way you know that red Ibenez, well Libby didn't really take to it so I traded it. She went for a Daphne Blue Strat (bullet, so the most basic Squire) but not a bad bit of kit; the main thing is she loves it and therefore likely to play it:-)