Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates

And so is the shed. Wrapped and partially battened, and most of the tin edging for the roof fitted. The edging comes in two parts. One acts as a fascia board (shown) which you buy and then have to bash the end over. The next bit sits flat to the roof with a rolled edge to to hold the edge of the slate.

Last push now to finish the sheds structure, so i can get back to the house (the big house that is).


  1. Dear Marcus,

    Great progress!

    Do plans for the "shed" include hard landscaping, terraces, a foot path to the front door and some flower beds?

    The line between "shed" and "house" is getting soooooooo thin (unlike myself)

    Best to all in Lemur Land


  2. Well Mark, funny you should say that but there are indeed plans for a small path, together with planters hung under the windows. As for a terrace? I thought maybe a small decked area to the southern fascade. Oh yes and not forgetting the weather vane on the roof with the usual cock motif. Critically though I will not be fitting shutters as I don't want to be seen to be taking the piss!

    Best wishes to all in sunny Switzerland and thanks for the comments, its nice to know someone reads this thing!

    P.S. Plan to have all the shell boarded and slated by the weekend...how hard can it be...