Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Its a Shed

With the able help of Alan and David, its starting to look like a shed!

I'm glad the plastic is on; its water tight and also its one job i wasn't looking forward to done. Next battens and slates


  1. Dear Marcus,


    Firstly, for resisting what must have been an enormous temptation to add crenelations, a couple of gothic spires and several ramparts. Secondly, for admitting that you were not looking forward to "getting the plastic on" on a public blog, many men hide their dislike of plastic in pursuit of creative (and what is more creative than giving life to a "shed") activities. Thirdly for rendering the outside of the "shed" so it fits into the local architectural style (9.6 for artisitic merit)

    Best to all at home in the bocage


  2. OK its not finished yet and the render is just the OSB lining. The actual bardage will be pressure treated pine boards, whilst not strictly the vernacular style it does negate the need for planning permission (under 20m2, no concrete floor and made of wood; so says the Maire) Trust me when its finished it will "blend". Still don't like plastic for the under felt and after reading my "Natural House Book" last night, I am going to go to hell.