Thursday, 1 April 2010

Chevrons - Rafters to you

Most of the rafters in today, just the dormer window to build.

I've set the rafters 400mm OC and cheated a little when installing them. I've bolted them together at the apex and installed them as a pair. this way I can slip them over the roof and they always sit right at the apex. Add a few nails and bish bash bosh the jobs a gooden. Also today ordered the stainless steel flue for the wood burning stove. I've ordered this off the internet at Flue supplies. Turns out these guys are about half the price for twin wall flue than any place I could find in France. The odd thing is that single wall enamel flue is just the opposite, i.e. cheaper in the local brico. The one thing I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of rational in the pricing structures of stuff in France. Some things are really cheap compared to the UK, while other even very similar stuff is much more expensive? Ho Hum.

Oh and by the way, the construction at each end that looks a bit like a ladder, is in fact a Gable ladder (see page 140 "Roof construction and loft conversion, Third edition ISBN 0-632-05201-5). I've used this to provide the overhang for the slates. In a stone house the purlins go through the wall and you have no problem running a chevron the other side of the wall. In a timber house (oops I mean shed) the purlins stop at the wall and some other device is required.

And a reminder of the stove I'm using:


  1. My new studio is starting to look great, can't wait to move in!!

  2. Dear Marcus,

    French product pricing is driven by the three powerful socialist principles which interpret much of la vie en France: (1) which school did the person making the product attend? (2) is the product artisanal, haut-couture, couture or merely pret-a-porter? And (3), is the person purchasing the product local (same street or village) or is he "Jean L'Etranger" (from another village of perhaps from across la manche)? Please check this concept when next buying cheese. Best regards. M

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