Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Meet the ancestors!

These are my great great great grandparents on my fathers side of the family (although I would have to look on the family tree to confirm the number of "greats"). Now here in France in their new home. They will eventually be housed in what I like to call "the library" mainly because I always wanted a library. Actually to be more precise I always wanted one of those ladder things on wheels that goes around tall bookcases in old films. In truth its the hall upstairs that will have bookcases and a reading area on the mezzanine above, but hey nothing wrong with a little flourish in the naming department! The location will suit the pictures because they are a little on the large side (100cm x 80cm each) so in a room with standard height ceilings they would look a bit squashed. The wall they will be going on is about 3m tall so no worries there then.

In my parents house my great (times x) grandfather was on the other side in which case they would be sitting towards each other which is I guess is how I will hang them when the hall/library is ready.

They are probably not everybody's cup-of-tea and a little on the austere side by modern tastes, but they are part of the family and I'm very fond of them. So like my parents, I will look look after and maintain them as best I can until they pass to my children.

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