Friday, 30 October 2015

Day six

The odd bit in the floor that was a poorly thought out "feature" had to go

Now made good and patched in with new floorboards. As a friend of mine said "its so nice to have wall to wall floors"

And braced underneath

Stud walls going up

off cuts of studding to fasten the top to the ceiling rail

I've had to leave a panel out of the stud wall by the stairs to get the rest of the plaster board up. That's tomorrows job! The 2 way lighting circuits are installed and working. The switches by the door and then next to where the bed will probably be. The panel in the top is the lighting distribution box so you can get at all the connections later. Actually French wiring is a lot more rational than English which by comparison seems a bit of a kludge really.

Not sure I've got enough ladders on the job?

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