Sunday, 15 March 2015

Just a reminder

Of what we started with. These are scanned in from photos taken 11 years ago. These are taken on film, before digital cameras became mainstream.

The house as we first viewed it in 2004

Inside: damp, smelly rotting dump
So ripe for restoration then!

The roof exposed part way through the first stage of works circa 2005

Not a small job then.

The first floor, filled with rotting hay

The roof in the process for being replaced

The old roof, awaiting cutting up for fire wood

My little girls as they were

so cute!


My wife asked me the other day, if I knew what I know now would I do it again?

That's a really difficult question: On the one hand its been a much longer road than I anticipated. Sometimes that's a good thing. So long as your not a quitter then ignorance can work for you in your favor in that at least you get started! On the other hand is it worth 11 years of my life: 

The best I can say is: What else would I have done; watched the television?

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