Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Floor 3

Right the major timbers are in and the joists are filling in the gaps. Its not finished but you can see where I'm going:
Thanks to the help of Frankie and Julia (oh and Alison) I managed to get the 6m cross beams in and sistered up. The rest were straight forward; push them up to their balance point then climb up the ladder and drag them into place. Using the joist hangers does I have to say make things a whole lot easier, not least because you can balance the joist on the edge of the joist hanger while you swap ladders and position the other end.
I've done about 2/3 of the floor in about 3 evenings, which is not bad. This week I've been working in the mornings, marking exam papers in the afternoon and then doing the house between 6ish and 11 or sometimes midnight. We are eight years in from buying the house and most people end up taking 10 years to fully renovate a house like this. I reckon the reason is that after around 8 years they either loose the will to live and go back to England or "spit on their hands and take fresh hold". Well I don't feel like going back to England so....... One thing I am  going to do is blogg every day and use it as motivational tool. 

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