Thursday, 24 June 2010


Well, its been a while but I'm back. Since finishing the outside of the shed I've now pretty much finished the inside and moved on into the house. The big thing is we now have our own internet connection. Yeeha!!! And the second big thing is the mains power is hopefully coming next week...double yeeha!!! The third big thing is the plans have been approved for the run off the the septic tank, so a flushing toilet is also in sight. LUXURY.

To achieve most of this has been the usual battle with bureaucracy except the phone. For me this was the biggest surprise. Went into the orange phone shop on the Tuesday and on Thursday the dude arrives to string the new phone line in place and fix the sockets. The guy tippy toed across the beams on the first floor without a word of "more than my jobs worth health and safety dissent" et Voila. Phone (free calls) and internet and satellite TV with all the hardware for 35 euro and month and no need to pay France Telecom a red cent. Not often stuff just works but in this case it did.

Anyway here are a few catch up photo's of the shed

Meanwhile inside the house I've had all the stuff delivered for the bath room and laundry room. I've started building the walls (oak) and dug out the wall under the window, but i'll post again tomorrow with the pics and an explanation. As I've dug out at least three tonnes of earth and rock today, I'm off to bed!

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