Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Bathroom gets under way

Well I've started building the supporting wall for the last beam in the main downstairs room. The "poutre" is a little on the skinny side and a bit to bouncy to put a bathroom above. To solve this I've jacked the beam up and put in a couple of oak posts 15cm2. The floor underneath is re-inforced so more than able to take the weight. To make a bit more of a feature of this I'm building a colombage wall between the two. Once the supports were in I could then put in the next bay of solives on the first floor. This was a team effort with my friend Andy down the road, and much easier levelling up with two people. This is all going well, the only fly in the ointment is that I've had to dig out the bit a wall below the window to make good and get a conduit through under the wall. Ho Hum. I'm not goung to build this back to full 1 metre wall thickness but make a small bay or alcove in which I can put a bathroom cupboard. Every cloud and all that. Hopefully this make a bit more sense of the pictures below.

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