Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good old fashioned housing joints

A little more progress. I've morticed in the solives into the carrier beam. OK I confess I intended to sit the solives on top of the beam, but put the beam in too high; oops. Still its probably a better job in the end, just took a little longer. Still as my old dad used to say; The "art" of being a craftsman is not, not making mistakes, its getting out of them once you've made them! Well I'm not a craftsman yet but I am learning each day, and that's good. More mortices to come on the other side of the chimney, to make it all match! Its just a good job I had a handy stationary morticer sitting in the barn.

So that make the Fox stationary morticer the "cool tool of the day"

Oh yes managed to get real live post including parcels in France through our new regulation Post box. How cool is that. Instead of spending all your life going to the Post office to pick up a parcel because it wont fit your letter box, you have a box and the Postie has a key; fantastic. My parcel was a shiny new jumper from my favourite on line shop at the moment. Trust me if you want a 100% British wool jumper at reasonable prices delivered anywhere in Europe in a matter of a few days go to WoolOvers or "Woo-Lovers" as we like to call it. So forget you iphones and wide screen LED TV's give me a nice warm jumper any time! I went for the fisherman crew shown below (still waiting for the boat and the girl to be delivered though...must go down to the post office...)!

Bye for now


  1. Dear Mr Quinn,

    no free jumpers for your shameless plugging of our product.

    W. Overs

  2. Ummmm? What were those New Year Resolutions? I'm sure you were wearing a perfectly adequate woolly jumper when I last saw you!

  3. I had been a good boy and saved up my Christmas money. Although you are correct in saying that I already had one Jumper so I shall go outside into the snow and thrash myself with birch twigs...mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...ouch.