Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Spot the tool

Since I didn't really leave very long for anyone to respond to the last post I thought I would have another small quiz. This time I need the name and brand of the tool and this time there is a prize. VODKA

Tool number 1

Tool number 2

Tool number 3

Tool number 4

Tool number 5

Well that's all folks, easy. And just as a little tip, if you need some help finding the answers try hitching a ride on a magic carpet and visit the best online tool store in the world!


  1. All that, just for a box of rubber gloves? Come on Quinny

  2. I think he thought it would be fun!!

  3. Well you are a mercenary lot in Darlo! Ok Ok ill stick with the rubber gloves and a raise you one roll of gaffer tape! Ahh Mrs lemur has just suggested a better prize, guaranteed to raise the levels of enthusiasm! Scrub the gaffer tape and the rubber gloves, How about 1L of the finest Russian Vodka / Jack Daniels (depending on your preference). Now that's got to be worth raising your clicking finger for!

  4. When I first saw this post I thought OHMIGOD it's a tool exam!! However thanks to Mrs Lemurs clever suggestion I might be tempted to participate!

  5. Ahh yes that would be the Jack Daniels from tyhe back of the wardrobe I presume!

  6. Yes indeed. VINTAGE by now I would say. Go on have a go, you know you want to!

  7. 1) A Fubar. Made by Stanley
    2) A Lie-nielsen Scraping Plane. For extra credit, is it the Small Lie-nielsen Scraping Plane (No.212)?
    3) A Henry Taylor Hand Adzes
    4) Japanese Ikedame Dovetail Saw
    5) A Slaters Hammer. Sorry, I don't know the make. All I can get from the image is 'CURTO' something and, unlike all the other imagess, the make isn't a part of the image name for this one.

    Thanks for making it so easy though. Do I get my Vodka now?


  8. Thanks James for taking the time to look at the image tags! Next time I will have to change the names after downloading them from the Axminster web site. Actually this was a schoolboy error on my part and I am suitably ashamed! I would guess your more of a Jack Daniels man so your prize will be with you before christmas (see wardrobe ref above).