Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Packing up, Counting down

Lordy! how much stuff can you accumulate in eighteen years...That would be a lot. No really A LOT. Fortunately the very nice manager of the local Sainsburys gave me a few boxes for free. This was instead of spending a bunch of cash on proper moving boxes. It's surprising what you can get if you only ask! As you can see I've been inspired by the new series of Tommy Walsh's fix your house for free. This is where Tommy and his mate go off and try and get as many building materials for free out of skips, or going spare or sold as seconds at builders merchants. Julia is hoping that some of this thrift will wear off onto me! (and of course some of Tommy's rugged good looks!)

So Packing is going well, the ferry crossings are booked. All being well on the 2nd of Jan we will be in France for good. That's 38 days and counting down!

P.S. There is a prize for anyone who can correctly identify the hammer Tommy is holding


  1. Looks like a ripping claw hammer and you're much better looking than fatty Walsh

  2. Nice try. It is a claw hammer but not an estwing. Its actually a Stanley FatMax XL AntiVibe Hammer - Rip Claw 450g(16oz).

  3. That was gonna be my second guess, i'll still take the prize though xx

  4. You are supposed to wait until we have all had a go at guessing before you give the answer away!