Monday, 12 December 2016

Day one

All this furniture makings and general messing around is all very well, but it doesn't get the baby a new hallway as they say ;) So back to the business in hand for the final pre-Christmas "big push". Oh and please don't go back and look how many times in this blog I've said that eek!

So the hallway as it stands today as of 21h00

Pretty well in hand eh! Well it's this last picture that is of concern. Tricky little blighter above the stair well. This is the bit that is oh sooo easy to think; you know what I'll do the rest and leave that little bit and come back and do it later. I guarantee that most renovations have that one bit, the bit that Laurence Llewelyn Bowen would pin a chic bit of purple velvet over to cover it up!! Problem is if I leave it it will be 10 years before it gets done. So carpe diem! Well not now .... tomorrow its getting done.....or maybe the next day!

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