Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weekend break

Sorry I couldn't resist the sarcasm, I think I've caught it off my children! This weekend I went home and did some more plaster boarding in the salon. For one room there seems to be an awful lot of the stuff; ten 3m x 1.2m sheets to be exact. The 3m length is required because the ceiling height is around 2.8m tall. Handling big sheets is a art in itself but then you gain when it comes to taping and jointing. Remember this is France and they gave up on plaster skim coats many years ago. The result is that board joints are filled and then sanded with filler made especially easy to sand.

As with most jobs its the twiddly bits that take the time; like over the windows and around the doors etc

Still on the good side i'm finding the taping and jointing very easy going, on the grounds that Julia is doing it. This is a strategy I'm liking a lot.

Once we (Julia) have finished the prep to the walls then we (Julia again) can paint and then we (ok me this time) can do the floor. Now the floor I am looking forward to doing. Its 165mm wide 22mm thick solid French oak and its going to look fab, in a puritanical / monastic kind of way.

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