Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Some progress at last

Having spent the last 6 months working in the UK there has not really been much or any progress, but Christmas has given me a few days to at least start the Girls bedrooms...

Stud work and ceilings go in
I've used a metal frame system to provide a level support for the plasterboard (cheap and very easy to use. The metal brackets just clip to the rails. Rails are every 50 cm and the plasterboard goes length ways so lines up with the 2.5m sheets they use in France.

Close up of the bracket / ties clipped to a length of rail.

Walls are a mixture of wooding studs and the metal wall rail system very popular in France. Wall studs are on 60cm centres to match the width of the plasterboard sheets which are 1.2m wide. Ceiling heights are 2.5m + a bit so no unnecessary cutting of the sheets. For info there are two types of rail, horizontal and vertical. if you set the top and bottom rails (which are a simple U section) first then the stronger vertical rails just clip into them and are screwed in place. The screws used are little round head self tappers. All the rail system complete with screws and fixing I used are made by Lafarge. The vertical rails are back to back to insulation can slide between and be held in place by the rails. The insulation I used is isover. It has one side with a paper vaper barrier which is placed facing inside to the room so the paper is against the plasterboard. (I mention these small details because if you have never done this before its these little details that sometimes take a bit of working out)

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