Sunday, 27 March 2011


Two very excited girls with our new (to us) scooter

Libby reading the "how to" scooter book. Note she has already added a few girly features like the hoody rest and box of tissues back box!

Me I've been experimenting with more stylish pimping! Mmmm Nice!


  1. The last time I saw you take off on a scooter it came back broken and you walked with a limp for a week...

    That thing looks like it may be even more powerful than a Honda Melody! :-)

  2. Ah yes but then I was showing off, and after a few cans of special brew that's not a good combination! This is 125cc an 4 stroke, so sedate and reliable for the older man.

  3. Just have to say I took Libby into Vire the other day and the grin on her face when she got off; Priceless!

  4. I guess your closest "special brew" is made in Guy's house :-)

    Take care old chap!

  5. Very nice - that's real cat, isn't it?

  6. But of course, you know how I like 100% natural and organic materials!