Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Well is Christmas and snowing again. 1 year on and a lot has happened so I thought is would be good to recap on a few of the achievements this year.
So this year then, well we've built a shed..Described as:
And the house:
  • Put in the first floor oak beams and floor board
  • Made and fitted the rest of the windows
  • Built the internal walls downstairs
  • Connected the electricity
  • Plumbed and fitted the downstairs bathroom
  • Dug and installed the fosse and pumping station
  • Built the laundry
  • lined the chimney and fitted the Esse
  • Lined and insulated the kitchen walls
  • Rebuilt various sections of stone wall
  • Made two bathroom cabinets, a kitchen table, one internal door and three workbenches.
  • All the other stuff to enable the above....
Not sure whether that sounds a lot or a little, but either way its been a lot of work. Added to that of course there has been all the other administrative stuff associated with moving to a new Country and settling two young children into the local schools.......

Well there's plenty more to do, so after Christmas it's back to the grindstone

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