Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Well I've been making a table for the house. The legs are reclaimed oak from the old roof and the rest is wood that has been drying for the last year or so. Of note; the reeding and stopped chamfers are all either scraped or cut by hand. Dovetails for the drawers (again hand cut). You don't really get a sense of the scale in the unfinished state but I'll post more pictures at we progress!

Note the old rope trick in place of clamps!

Cheap set of straps from the supermarket. I've used them for everything from strapping stuff to the trailer to impromptu clamps.

Here's Kitty. Arrived one day and now won't go away. As Metallica put it: "just like the curse, just like the stray. You feed it once and now it stays. Now it stays...."


  1. Marcus,
    I already have a sense of your scale and I suspect that it's a good job you are building that table in-situ cos I'm thinking it will require considerable effort to move it! ;-)

  2. Yup. Think count Dracula or medieval banquet and your about close! The only moving will be a foot or so to the left or right.

  3. What about fitting a rubber skirt and snail-fan on it and making a HOVER-TABLE?!