Saturday, 28 August 2010

The first floor has arrived

You know I said it would be the first thing to install, well 7 months in and with a little (lot of) help from my sister and family (James was a star) we have a first floor. check it out!

Above we have the work in progress. And below Jon hard at work.

By this point you will have noticed that I'm laying a chipboard sub floor. Anyone who knows me well will know that I don't do chipboard; Not for kitchen cupboards, floors or indeed anywhere (in Coventry I made the Kitchen cupboards and dovetailed the draws by hand). Well folks, after 4 months of living in the caravan and winter drawing in, I'm a born again chipboard fan! Whilst I would have loved to put down oak or solid timbers, time is of the essence and we need a house to live in before the winter sets in. So like most things in life its a compromise. My excuse is that we will cover it later with some sound insulation and a hardwood floor. It is of course Hydro chipboard and resists damp, oh and 22mm not 18mm (so the best chipboard you can buy). That said laying chipboard flooring for me is a bit like admitting I'm never going to win the lotto? Ho Hum!!!

As a side note you will see in the first picture the support bandage on my arm. According to the doctors I've been over doing it a bit and as a consequence my arm swelled up like a football. Anyway the surgeon has drained all the fluid off and whilst not back to fighting strength I can at least use my arm again!

And if you were wondering what Ms Lumur has been up to here is her latest creation!

See her work at:CheekyLumur

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