Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ta Da - The finished roof

Well its been a long 5 day haul to slate the roof but here it is finished. Special thanks need to go to our good friends David and Christine who despite the somewhat blustery conditions have worked valiantly cutting and sorting. Without their help I'm sure it would have taken twice as long. But finished it is complete with chimney and zinc flashing. Enjoy...

That chimney flashing by the way is all fabricated and soldered up from sheet. Had to do some technical drawing revision courtesy of the internet to work out how to draw a plan view of a cone with a 52deg slant cut off the bottom. If your interested in how to do it you can go to sheet metal world

All in all I think its a nice job. The slates were free since they came off the house roof and have been re-cycled. That said I don't think i'd like to do anything bigger. If nothing else i certainly have a new found respect for the guy's who slate roofs day in day out in all weather's; If its sunny you bake, if its windy you get blown off the roof and in the rain it's just treacherous. Still done now.

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  1. Good job! I'm glad your friends also pitched in to help. The new roof looks nice; good thing you opted for the zinc flashing so your roof has a longer lifetime. It's hard work slating roofs indeed. I think there's a certain degree of respect due to people employed to do it, such as roofing contractors.

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