Friday, 18 September 2009

Making an Entrance

Literally! Here is the front door I made to help keep the wind and rain out. Sometimes when I start a small project I may on occasion under estimate the amount of effort required. Ah it'ill only take half an hour! Well this was one of those... the best part of a week and a half later et voilĂ !

The view from the inside

Made in solid oak with a leaded glass panel made by Mrs Lemur (AKA CheekyLemur). This is one substantial door, so heavy in fact it takes three people to lift. I think I may have to be slightly more realistic about the rest of the fixtures and fittings if I am ever going to finish the house.


  1. Maybe we should have UPVC next time babes :P

  2. Welcome to Blogsville!
    I was delighted to see that you had become a follower of The Other Side of Eden but I didn't realise you had now got your own blog! I love the title!!